10 Changes in Girl’s Life After Marriage | The Indian Way

Marriage is a life-changing moment of anyone’s life. I feel like it’s a challenge for both the people – the bride and the groom. With marriage, there comes a big change in the lives of the two people because now they have to stay together forever! Changes in life after marriage are common but they make a huge impact on our lives.

Since we (the girls) have to leave our home, parents, and siblings to stay with our husband and his family in a new environment, the changes that we face after marriage is comparatively bigger than what our husband experiences.

If you are someone who is getting married soon, you might think about the changes in life after marriage.

What are the changes in life after marriage that an Indian girl faces?

Becoming a More Responsible Person

Before marriage, we don’t have any worries but right after our marriage, we get new responsibilities. We start taking care of our husband, our in-laws, their needs and so on.

Managing A Home

Before marriage, we are almost independent. We live the way we want and have freedom from household chores as our mum takes care of everything.
We don’t have to worry what to cook or what to serve in front of guests!

These are the things that change when we marry… We have to do all household chores (cooking, washing, cleaning) by ourselves. Basically, we have to manage a home!

Maturity Increases

Before marriage, we are carefree and immature.

However, after marriage, the sense of responsibility and the level of maturity increases.
We plan and set future goals wisely. We grow mature by managing the petty issues in everyday life.

Priorities Changes

After marriage, our priorities change. We think more about our home, family or husband. His comfort and feelings become our top most priority.

Earlier, we might love to hang out with our bestie or staying up late watching our favorite shows.

We will definitely love to spend time with our husband rather than doing anything else.

Taking Decisions Wisely

After marriage, the “me” changes to “we” and the way we make decisions changes to a large extent. We have to think of other’s perspectives and make decisions.

Earlier, the decisions about anything was only about us but later our decisions will be affecting our husband or family members.

Think Before Saying

We are not answerable to anyone before marriage. We don’t usually think about what we are saying. Even if sometimes we do so, we have our siblings or someone who always covers up our mistakes.

However, after marriage, we have to be cautious about what we are saying to keep everyone happy. Otherwise, it will turn into a gossip!!

Before marriage, if we said something out of anger to anyone in the family, they generally knew we never meant it. But, after marriage, we can’t think of doing this. Anything incorrectly said by us may hurt them.

Thus, we become calmer and composed in usual cases after marriage. We learn to express ourselves better and fix things in a calm manner.

Meeting the Friends

Before marriage, we enjoy going out with friends or to pursue personal interests.

Although, after marriage, this gets quite difficult. I am not saying that no one allows.

Even if we don’t have any restrictions to meet our friends, it becomes very difficult to go out with them because we have some responsibilities, we have to balance everything before we go out.

Being Patient & Growing Stronger

Every relationship has ups and down.

Before marriage, we are not really strong enough to face the challenges, but marriage makes us stronger than ever.

The only key to a successful marriage is being patient. And, that indirectly helps us in growing stronger.

Emotionally Weak

Before marriage, we might not really understand the love for our parents and siblings.

But, as soon as we leave our home, we become emotionally weak. We miss our home and family. We care for them more than ever.

Earlier, we used to have cute-little fights with our siblings. After marriage, we definitely miss those fights as there is no one to tease us as our siblings.

Getting Special Attention from Our Parents

Before marriage, we were always the princess of our parents. But, after marriage, we get a special attention and much more pampering than earlier. It’s the best feeling of the world!

According to me, every girl generally experiences these changes in life after marriage.

If we consider our married life to be a burden or a heavy responsibility, it will feel like one. While if we enjoy it, embrace it and welcome it, it will become a new and wonderful experience of our life. Trust me!! So, we should take it as the latter.

Give it a chance to grow in a healthy relationship, making other people (husband, in-laws) care for us. It will become a beautiful experience.

It’s a big change, but if we accept it from the bottom of our heart and try to adjust right after marriage, the challenges will not feel like a heavy burden. In fact, we will love doing all this!

So, that’s it, ladies!

If you are married, can you relate these changes? Are there any other changes in life after marriage that you experienced? I would love to hear your story!